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 dosaway: Removes ^M from text files
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 Download dosaway | README

dosaway is a sh script that will remove ^M (or the carriage return part of CR/LF) from a list of files. You also have the option of backing up your files that are scanned and cleaned. Place the script somewhere in your $PATH or in the same directory as the files to be cleaned. 'cd' to the directory containing the files you wish to clean ^M from. Then run the script, making sure to include the suffix of the files to be cleaned. See the README for more information.

Example: dosaway.sh -b *.htm */*.php

This will back-up all files scanned with a .dos suffix (-b). Will scan all .htm files in the current directory and all *.php in sub-directories one deep from the current.

The script has been tested on FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE and works without issues.

It is HIGHLY recommeded that you always include a file extension to scan for. The script will not make any distinction between *.htm and *.gif, it only checks for read and write permissions. For example; a scan for mysite/* will replace ^M within all files. This will destroy all *.gif, *.jpg, *.zip, etc. files that have a ^M within them.

Use dosaway.sh at your own risk!

For more information and full syntax options consult the README.

Download dosaway | README

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