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 ifprofiles.sh: Store and set network card options quickly.
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NOTE: ifprofiles.sh has only been tested on FreeBSD systems. The script should be easy enough to modify for other operating system.

'ifprofiles.sh' is a sh script that will allow you to keep any number of network settings stored for quick loading as a profile. ifprofiles.sh can also be used to set network options without saving a profile.

The profiles are text files that can be edited by hand if required.

The following network options are currently supported:

  • Enable DHCP for a network card
  • Set an IP to a network card
  • Set IP alias entires to a network card
  • Set a hostname
  • Set the default router (gateway)
  • Set nameservers
  • Set a 'domain' entry in resolv.conf
  • Set a 'search' entry in resolv.conf

NOTE: Support for wireless cards has not been tested at all as I do not have access to the hardware. You are more than welcome to submit code or hardware.

For a more information check the README.

Download | FreeBSD package | README

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