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 md5check: A simple file check script
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 Download md5check | README

md5check is a simple shell script (using /bin/sh) that will create a md5 fingerprint of a list of files. The sh script will also compare this list against the previous record and report any differences. This will include any new, changed or deleted files. It will not tell you who made the changes or how they changed. This is up to you to work out.

md5check consists of 3 main files;

  • create_list.sh: This script must be run first. The script creates a file called 'md5list' which contains a list of directories to index. This script should be edited by you, to suit your needs. After the initial index creation, the can be re-run to create a new index list. (Thanks to Björn Pantell for the create_list.sh script.)
  • md5check.sh: The script file. This is the file that needs to be executed. The results of running this file are emailed to root@localhost unless the mailto variable is edited. (This is a good thing to change)
  • README: A readme file containing information about the script.

The script has been tested on FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x and works without issues from a command line or from a cron job.

For more information and full syntax options consult the README.

Download md5check | README

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