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 sysupdate.sh: Updates a FreeBSD system to the requested cvs version.
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'sysupdate.sh' is a very flexible sh script that makes updating a FreeBSD system even easier. Your system can be updated to the latest requested cvs version, or a custom version. The ports collection can be update in part or the entire collection, if requested. You can select a cvs server close to you, enter your own or allow fastest_cvsup to find one for you. The script will even compile a custom kernel if you like. There are a lot more options accessible through an easy to use interface.

If you have any suggestion, ideas or corrections, get in touch.

For a more information check the README.

fastest_cvsup notes: Support for the FreeBSD port, fastest_cvsup was added to sysupdate.sh 0.4. While fastest_cvsup does a great job of locating a fast server it does not check the contents of each server and therefore, may locate a server which is out-of-date or one that has incomplete content. A perfect example is cvsup6.au.freebsd.org which is almost always found as the fastest server for me, however this server does not even have the ports collection.

Download | FreeBSD Package | README

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